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    Beware the Magic [Main Plotline]



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    Beware the Magic [Main Plotline]

    Post by Sheyna on 8th August 2014, 8:07 pm

    Few humans carry the capacity to channel magic. Fewer still are even aware of their ability, as the magic is often too weak to be noticeable. However, for a select few, the magic is powerful enough to make itself known during their childhood. In these cases, it is often recommended that they find a tutor to learn to control it. Self-teaching, more often than not, results in dangerous, destructive, and sometimes fatal accidents.

    Recently, the country of Amasin has been seeing an increase of young mages. In order to open opportunities for them - and to keep accidents to a minimum - some of the most powerful known mages, each a Master of their respective branch, have created the school known as ___. Among them is a Reader, capable of judging their capacity for magic. All students must first meet with him before being accepted into the school.

    There are two ways to become a student. If they were noticeable enough for the Reader to find them, they may be approached by a scout, who will then give them a letter. The letter details the purpose of the school, the benefits of becoming a student, and when and where to go. The scouted are permitted to skip the normal application process.
    The majority of students are applicants. These students, upon arriving, meet with the Reader, who judges their magic potential. If they meet his standards, they will be officially accepted as a student. Applicants meet the Reader one at a time to avoid confusion. Their reason for applying is always questioned, and the Reader may ask further questions at his discretion.

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