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    Anti-Magic Groups

    Post by Sheyna on 20th February 2015, 2:27 pm

    Common Reasons to be Anti-Magic

    - Some, primarily in areas rife with superstition and lacking magic users, consider the practice of magic to be taboo.

    - All forms of magic may be considered unnatural due to the forced control of energy and natural beings.

    - In peaceful countries, or in the eyes of many pacifists, Warriors may be considered unnatural, unnecessary, and dangerous. However, most are overlooked as physically gifted, so only very powerful Warriors tend to receive discrimination.

    - The Crazed General also contributes to the general wariness directed at Warriors and other mages. His slaughter of Lysan's royal family is infamous among both the magical and nonmagical communities.

    - Sorcery, in many places, is considered the "magic of thieves." Legend states that Sorcerers are taught by demons to steal magic from true mages and channel it through the demon's realm. Their unpredictability ranks it as one of the most dangerous types of magic in existence. This bias is not only limited to non-mages; even other mages may be raised on this belief.

    - The consensus on Necromancers may vary wildly based on location. They may be thought to merely be a bridge to the afterlife. They may be the reason souls are forced to remain on earth. They may be mystical helpers of Death whose job is to take those who are overdue. The only agreement that can be found worldwide is that their magic is quite mysterious.


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