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    Ansgar & Takeshi

    Post by Sheyna on 30th January 2015, 10:06 pm

    You know, the boy thought as he took in the sight before him, there's something very wrong with a twelve year old being so used to this. He'd been asked by Calix to stop in this town, partnered with an older, more experienced mage. There had apparently been a great deal of complains trickling into the magical community - "I saw a ghost in my sitting room!", "The townsfolk look as dead as the ghosts haunting them," "You'd think there was a massacre with how many different spirits they're complaining about," and so on.
    To be perfectly honest, Ansgar hadn't been expecting much despite the rumours. Most spirits couldn't move far from their object of focus, whether it be a place or a person, unless summoned. They just didn't have the energy - or willpower - for it. There were no records of any Necromancers living in the area - actually, he was the closest with his five hour trip - so summoning was most likely out. On top of that, this rich little district had only rarely seen bloodshed. So when he agreed to come and help banish the spirits, he'd expected it to be a simple, easy chance for some field experience.
    This... might have been a bit beyond his skill level.
    The ghosts were everywhere. Even as he stood frozen in the street, a young woman, gore dangling from the gash in her throat, made eye contact with some curiosity. When she noticed that he was looking back, her face twisted into an ugly grimace and she flitted through a wall. She might have hissed something, but Ansgar couldn't hear it over the headache-inducing din. The whispers of the dead assaulted his ears, and he had to resist the urge to clap his hands over them. (In his experience, that never actually worked. It was a difficult habit to break, though.)

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